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09 décembre 2006

Xmas ultimate wishlist...


Apparently, it's a kind of tradition, now You must have your wishlist on your blog, so like that if a complete stranger, want to spend money he (or she I am not sexist) can jsut make you a gift for christmas.

Serioulsy how cool is that  hein.

So you stranger, if you are rich, and don't know what to do with your money, you can make me a gift, just choose one between the following.

the lightweight ski hat
Whatever frame you want I don't mind I am not that picky.
A singlspeed chain
A messenger bag from timbuck2 (mine is just falling appart and I'd like a poper one for a change)
A gear cable kit to use as brake kit to gain in power (yes I know it's weird)
And so far so good, can't really think about something else at the moment, but indeed, I'll keep you up to date don't worry.

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