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25 janvier 2007

Up I go

Hi again

Though aking up this morning, body was felling prety ok, but I had a general feeling of tiredness. What ever stomac was completly reluctant to any food dropping in, but then again didn't bother me.

I have been climbing quite hard yesterday and I actually did loved that. I was grim but trued to hide it and then as it says, the climbing takes over. One rule one aim up and up again. That did actually empty my head fo all the grim thoughs, pushing yourself beyond the moment where it hurts kicking your own but, even if you know it's hard and painfull. God I did forget how good it was.

Can thanks Mrs E enough for coming and bear me every week, but she'll get a reward for sure (somethign involving chocolate fondan maybe :d )

Speak t you soon.

OST more noise

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    BACK !

    I am back! And glad to see you can train again... I just assume you back is much more better...
    Write something new! I want to read!

    Posté par Serendipity, 30 janvier 2007 à 21:24
  • Well first you can read all the thread I have wrote before.

    But because it's you I'll write something today
    CU later crocodile

    Posté par juan, 31 janvier 2007 à 16:38

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