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08 février 2007

Money Money Money

People Hi

Sorry it's been a log time but I have gone trough an awfull lot of things recently (by awfull I mean a huge amount) and specially holydays back home (that was so cool :d).

Didn't spend that much money actually thanks to my lovely mum who didn't wanted me to pay at the supermarket. So I could buy myself a pink water bottle (don't expect any link, camelback website uses flash) ha ha.

Well just got a check from the uni paying me back from conferences :d 146£ that's cool indeed. I could potentially wait and pay my credit card with it. Or even better, buy me a bag or maye both (with mean I have a bag budget of about 100£ only:( ).
I have always dreamed of a good messenger bag. Bagaboo is doing pretty cool stuff, fairly cheap etc etc. Don't know ig I can resist, maybe if I can find someone going to the states and who can bring me back a timbuk2 who knows. I need a all aroung bag, and I can really be bother to get a rugsac (I have to many of them) and I really am in a messenger bike bag :d;

So Should I save the money? Should I spend it? Should I buy me a suit for the two english wedding I am going to have (march and june)?

Dunno Dunno...

It's hard job to have money... It was easy hen I was broke ...

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