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23 février 2007

collection hiver 2007

The fashion ths winter is the gore-tex XCR 3 layer laser cut Jacket.This jacket will keep you warm, at least until 2012. Ciao for now... P.S. au cas où vous vous demandez le pourquoi du comment Jacket = veste pour le reste vous êtes assez grand.
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14 février 2007

To BB, mabb, yojik, la mome, serendipity, monica, lili, larouquine.

Happy valentine's day to all of you ;)
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14 février 2007

F****** french

People hiI hate french, as I said they are just a bunch of stupid idiot. Each time I am doing something here I am surrounding by them it's just awful. And yesterday at the judo a new one don't even know what is name is as I didn't ask a new french guy came, and try to show off by trying to be tough and to pushes humself to kick people ass. And what should have happen happend this moron pucked on the mat...Can you believe that... If yo have to puck you should puck out of the mat on the rubbish bin, not on the mat for ucking god... [Lire la suite]
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12 février 2007

The f****** V day

Well jsut because I fancy a bit of a change taody, i'll write in fench, but if you're looking for a translation just let me know.Alors le V day (pour les gens débarquant de mars ou de venus il sagit de mercredi ...) J'adore l'hypocrisie qui va avec ce jour là.Tout d'abord les gens (tous maqué indeed) qui disent moi je m'en fou je la fête pas le saint machin etc etc etc... Et qui finalement reçoivent une boite de chocolat et un string rose (ou alors son t récompensées pour ça :d).Ensuite y'a les gens qui ne font jamais rien, mais qui... [Lire la suite]
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11 février 2007


Hi allIs it me or you're affradi of me?It is the english then?Don't be shy. If you pop by leave a message it is always appreciated ;)I talk to you later then.XXXX
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09 février 2007

Key words

People Hi   It's bben a long time so I have just had a look to the key word...   How funny is it.   petite bit qui enculle un gros femmeI have no freaking idea where does that came from.le singe dans star wordsYes of course mate... sandwich mayoPeople who knows me knows as well that I hate mayo   vielle cochonneGné...   blog avec des conversesNope mine use flip flop to walk   comment dir tiroire en anglaitiroire I don't know, but if you mean tiroir it's drawer  ... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2007

Money Money Money

People HiSorry it's been a log time but I have gone trough an awfull lot of things recently (by awfull I mean a huge amount) and specially holydays back home (that was so cool :d).Didn't spend that much money actually thanks to my lovely mum who didn't wanted me to pay at the supermarket. So I could buy myself a pink water bottle (don't expect any link, camelback website uses flash) ha ha.Well just got a check from the uni paying me back from conferences :d 146£ that's cool indeed. I could potentially wait and pay my credit card with... [Lire la suite]
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