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26 juin 2007

Back from the WE

So here we go the abstract of my week end.Just to make it quick, very little sleep. But that was compulsory wasn't it. I mean who expect to sleep during a 24 hour race, with all the lurcking people, wirefork, etc etc.No it has been a good week end to be honest. Full of laught surprises and mud (suppose to  be good for the skin though) and much more. Organsation has been a mess but that was expected as well, tim didn't had his car ready so we had to pack everythgin in mine, and that was kind of hard work to be honest. But I... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2007

People hi

Ok I am not dead promise.Ok je suis pas mort juré.Life goes its how way nothing really new appart from the usual, work, ride, work, motor-ride etc etc.La vie poursuit son cours, rien de bien nouveau, boulot, vtt boulot, moto etc etcStill I haven't found the love of my life or even a shag for the night. But that wont stop the world to spin will it.Ok j'ai pas encore trouvé la femme de ma vie ou même un coup d'un soir. Mais ça va pas arrêter la terre de tourner non?So you guys don't worry I am still alive not very inspired to write but... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2007

:'( :'( :'(

No I am not on the edge of a building ready to jump (but that's only because there is no building in southampton :d high enough)I had an idiotic bad day yesterday, and it doesn't seems to get better. I have the MOT for the bike (CT in french) in about 45 minutes, and the relay of the indicator just died.So I have a light, but the light does not flash :(Fingers cross maybe the guy is going to be nice with me who knows...Love and mug beans ;)
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04 juin 2007

Ear plug wedding and rock and roll

Ok peopleReally not as the title should say to be honnest. I did have to buy ear plus and that is wedding related. But nothing to do with the rock and roll thing or whatever.Went to brigthon yesterday for a weeding. Rode the lady down there, changed my clothes steped into the room "I do not know by any lawful bla bla bla" did things I wouldn't have thought possible to do (they are quite fracnkly really english and I will not talk about theses) for once I hace to say that the trip on two wheels has killed the... [Lire la suite]
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