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23 octobre 2007

That is no good

Ok the god (or godness no sexism allowed) of mecanic must be pretty upset about me.

First the lady has a MASSIVE oil leak on the tachometer. And it's a very big MASSIVE one. Hopefully a 98p set of rubber O-rings should fix it. If not I am going to have to sell my body to pay for the repairs (and I mean really sell it like a kidney or something like that, as no one even want to shag me for free).

Second the fork on coraline is leaking oil as well I should service her (uh uh uh) but I will probably need a new CSU and that is an awfull lot of money so I am wondering servicing her and forget about the stanchion wear? Shouldn't be a problem as it appears on the spring side of the fork.

And the one on mabb as the negative spring valve broken :( so I will need to go into town to order parts and I have no time for it (wich means no jump or what so ever).

Tss should I sacrifice a box of nuts then?

See you all people.

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    Oh bah non c'était tellement mieux quand il y avait la traduction

    Posté par Mabb, 23 octobre 2007 à 13:02
  • sell your body ok. mais au poids?

    Posté par Rocket, 23 octobre 2007 à 16:53
  • @ mabb: euh si j'ai le temps je traduit mais bon c'est facil ehein
    @ rocket: plustot au diplome parce qu'au poid c'est pas avec mes 60 etkkes kilos que je vais en tirer grand chose.

    Posté par Peter P, 23 octobre 2007 à 16:56
  • pff trop technique pour moi ^^'

    Posté par magui, 24 octobre 2007 à 16:40
  • ha non mais tu tires c'que tu peux hein!

    Posté par Rocket, 24 octobre 2007 à 16:50
  • rocket

    My thoughts exactly

    Posté par Peter P, 25 octobre 2007 à 11:31

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