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26 octobre 2007

I really should calm down.

I saw a guy dismounting of is bike at the student union this morning.J'ai vu un gars descendre de sa moto au foyer des étudiants ce matin.So far nothing extraordinary about that. He was parking is brand new R1. It's just the though I had. You're riding a 4 cylinder you tosser.Rien d'extraordinaire. Il était juste en train de garer sa R1 flambante neuve. C'est juste ce que j'ai pensé qui m'a fait bizarre. Tu as un 4 cylindre gros naze.No a nice one indeed. Of course he a rider, so am I (well kind of as I am a very crap one). But I... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2007

That is no good

Ok the god (or godness no sexism allowed) of mecanic must be pretty upset about me.First the lady has a MASSIVE oil leak on the tachometer. And it's a very big MASSIVE one. Hopefully a 98p set of rubber O-rings should fix it. If not I am going to have to sell my body to pay for the repairs (and I mean really sell it like a kidney or something like that, as no one even want to shag me for free).Second the fork on coraline is leaking oil as well I should service her (uh uh uh) but I will probably need a new CSU and that is an awfull lot... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2007

Too much or not enough

How funny is that life tend to remember me of how nothing I am.I try not to do anything so I don't upset my karmik balance. But apparently doesn't seems to work.Well we'll just wait for this day (or this life) to finish.
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10 octobre 2007

Damn Damn Damn

Somedays I really should stay in bed. Y'a des jours où je ferais mieux de rester au lit.   I have a very bad cold you know the kind of horrible one, that gives you soar throat, headaches, heatwaves and transform your nose into an oyster factory.J'ai un gros rhume, le genre horrible, gorge nouée, maux de tête, coups de chaleur, et élévage d'huitre dans le nez. On the top of it, I do have a massive spot in the armpit. But you know the kind of nasty very red and painfull spot that is not nice at all, like each time I... [Lire la suite]
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