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20 novembre 2009

So much for commutign diairies

Well why I keep having a pessimist point of view in life?
We instead of fighting over it I just get in this dark corner of myself, tryign to hurt myself as much as possible.
I always thought I was going for it. Fighting over but I am not. Why can I hurt my body as much as I can take it to the braking point and beyond, but I can't do the same with my head (or heart for what's left of it). Why can't I understand life isn't a comics book or a movie. No everything is NOT going to be ok. If you don't fight for things then don't come on here to cry out loud, you deserve it. I you try to make it happen and still fail, then mtfu and grow out of it, learn your mistake and keep going. Getting darker inside isn't going to help you. Nor is lamenting on your fate, it might make you feel more alive or dead or whatever esle you decide to call it, but it's not helping.

Nietzsche once said: "  And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." but what happened if you have spend your life gazing into it? Do you become to much the darkness into the abyme, or do you just cant se anything else even when the blazing sun is right in front of you...

So knwo that I know it is not helping, why can't i just help myself.

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