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18 décembre 2009

hello again

Hello people.It's been a very ok week in terms of commuting.Only bottle out on Monday (to pick up a bike) and on wednesday. Other wise the weather is getting on the chilly side which is very much to my tastes. Nothing beats a ride in the cold morning feeling the freezing air going in and out of your lungs.Job wise it's been horrible, I can only see this year as a total failure. So I am not sure of what to do. Should I still look for a job in my field or should I just decide to stay here and find a job that will allow me to stay with... [Lire la suite]
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08 décembre 2009


I am not feling very well right now. I am meant to be on pills and the usage is clearly to take 2 a day in the middle of the meal.However I find that having taken then this morning, with no more than just a glass of water.Oh well anyway, at least I had a dry commute, and the train was on time (bonus no one got in my coache so a very quiet train journey too). That's all for toady, i'll try to survive the day X
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01 décembre 2009

It's winter (ok almost)

Hey youIt's almost winter now. I say almost because if I had to go for an off road ride at lunch time I would be riding short sleeves. But then for the first time this morning I got a little bit chilly and I think it's time to get the mid height socks and the windstopper gloves.Mind you it's not carved in stone yet, as apparently temperatures will be getting on the warm side again during the weekMucho love to you all
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