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31 janvier 2007

Hi Ok first things first this post could have been posted in the "work avoidance" category as well, but as Mrs S and E said:"you freak" the chose of the category appears to be obvious. So I have been working like a mad for the last 4 days. and I think it actually melted my brain a little bit. Just got a new pair of climbing shoes today, 5/10 T-Rock in size 7 (a bit oversize, as the last pair of 5/10 I bought were anazazi velcro in size 6.5), for the climbing wall as I don't really want my "technical... [Lire la suite]
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16 janvier 2007

one more time

I have screwed things up One more time. Isn't big deal what can I do?Nothing, just to get on with it and to survive. I always do.
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09 janvier 2007

Fully addicted

I am addicted...So far nothing wrong as It's not the first addiction I get already addicted to sport, tea, and sexe (even thoug cant say I am getting my fix of this one).What is wrong is that I am addicted to a freaking TV show and that is the problem. A tv show... Me can you guys believe that I don't even own a TV. I am addicted to the TV show called heroes. I am at the moment watching the first season and I just don't get them as fast as I would like to it does annoyes me a lot.It's 1h29 GMT and I am still not in bed because I want... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2006

ax²+bx+c = 0

Why does genius are always painted as freaks, or hot chicks that depend if the genius is a she or a he.I am actually watching numb3rs a complete non sens full of bull shit tv programme.One guy special agent "whatever is name is" of the FBI as a young brothers a mathematical genius. Obvioulsy, the FBI guy is an handsome boy and the genius is a creep. He can't get a date with a girl, spend is time solving equation on a black board, etc etc. The freak is obviously friend with other freak genius guys that love mathematics too.... [Lire la suite]
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