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22 juin 2007

People hi

Ok I am not dead promise.Ok je suis pas mort juré.Life goes its how way nothing really new appart from the usual, work, ride, work, motor-ride etc etc.La vie poursuit son cours, rien de bien nouveau, boulot, vtt boulot, moto etc etcStill I haven't found the love of my life or even a shag for the night. But that wont stop the world to spin will it.Ok j'ai pas encore trouvé la femme de ma vie ou même un coup d'un soir. Mais ça va pas arrêter la terre de tourner non?So you guys don't worry I am still alive not very inspired to write but... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2007

:'( :'( :'(

No I am not on the edge of a building ready to jump (but that's only because there is no building in southampton :d high enough)I had an idiotic bad day yesterday, and it doesn't seems to get better. I have the MOT for the bike (CT in french) in about 45 minutes, and the relay of the indicator just died.So I have a light, but the light does not flash :(Fingers cross maybe the guy is going to be nice with me who knows...Love and mug beans ;)
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04 juin 2007

Ear plug wedding and rock and roll

Ok peopleReally not as the title should say to be honnest. I did have to buy ear plus and that is wedding related. But nothing to do with the rock and roll thing or whatever.Went to brigthon yesterday for a weeding. Rode the lady down there, changed my clothes steped into the room "I do not know by any lawful bla bla bla" did things I wouldn't have thought possible to do (they are quite fracnkly really english and I will not talk about theses) for once I hace to say that the trip on two wheels has killed the... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2007

Il pleut il mouille...

Ok I am not going to talk about the fair tax deduction from the new president (you're rich, you have an outrageously high morgage for your house, don't worry we will give you money for that, instead of having teachers or doctors) I am going to talk about the bright side of enland. yeah come on you'll love it. It's nearly june, I am wearing 2 layers of clothes, I have a jacket when I am going out, and my housemate turn on the heater yesterday (ok I am not really happy with that but I don't say anything).So as you can see United kingdom... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2007

cherchez l'erreur

The lady on the sofa this morning asking me and the barmaid.La fille sur le sofa ce matin me demandant à moi et à la barmaidExcuse me do you know what time is it my cell phone ran out of batterie and I forget to charge it.Excusez moi, savez vous quelle heure il est? Mon portable n'a plus de batterie et j'ai oublié de le rechargerFFS what are watches for...Enculé d'anesthésiste, les montres ça sert à quoi?
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10 mai 2007

paint it black.

J'aurais pu appeler se post la france d'en deux et parler politique dire ce qui à était dit et répété sur maintes et maintes blogs/radio/sites internets/journaux, mais je n'en ferait rien. D'une parce que ça me ferait réfléchir à des décisions douloureuse que je devrait prendre et que je veux pas (syndrôme du mal lache) et d'autre part je vais encore m'énerver et c'est pas bon pour my blood pressure. Pour changer je me sens comme la france, coupé en deux, une moitié se pessimiste se disputant le verre à une moitié optimiste, une... [Lire la suite]
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02 avril 2007

It's not as easy is it

I can't really get ride of you myblog can I ...........................................................
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23 février 2007

collection hiver 2007

The fashion ths winter is the gore-tex XCR 3 layer laser cut Jacket.This jacket will keep you warm, at least until 2012. Ciao for now... P.S. au cas où vous vous demandez le pourquoi du comment Jacket = veste pour le reste vous êtes assez grand.
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14 février 2007

To BB, mabb, yojik, la mome, serendipity, monica, lili, larouquine.

Happy valentine's day to all of you ;)
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14 février 2007

F****** french

People hiI hate french, as I said they are just a bunch of stupid idiot. Each time I am doing something here I am surrounding by them it's just awful. And yesterday at the judo a new one don't even know what is name is as I didn't ask a new french guy came, and try to show off by trying to be tough and to pushes humself to kick people ass. And what should have happen happend this moron pucked on the mat...Can you believe that... If yo have to puck you should puck out of the mat on the rubbish bin, not on the mat for ucking god... [Lire la suite]
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