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12 février 2007

The f****** V day

Well jsut because I fancy a bit of a change taody, i'll write in fench, but if you're looking for a translation just let me know.Alors le V day (pour les gens débarquant de mars ou de venus il sagit de mercredi ...) J'adore l'hypocrisie qui va avec ce jour là.Tout d'abord les gens (tous maqué indeed) qui disent moi je m'en fou je la fête pas le saint machin etc etc etc... Et qui finalement reçoivent une boite de chocolat et un string rose (ou alors son t récompensées pour ça :d).Ensuite y'a les gens qui ne font jamais rien, mais qui... [Lire la suite]
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11 février 2007


Hi allIs it me or you're affradi of me?It is the english then?Don't be shy. If you pop by leave a message it is always appreciated ;)I talk to you later then.XXXX
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09 février 2007

Key words

People Hi   It's bben a long time so I have just had a look to the key word...   How funny is it.   petite bit qui enculle un gros femmeI have no freaking idea where does that came from.le singe dans star wordsYes of course mate... sandwich mayoPeople who knows me knows as well that I hate mayo   vielle cochonneGné...   blog avec des conversesNope mine use flip flop to walk   comment dir tiroire en anglaitiroire I don't know, but if you mean tiroir it's drawer  ... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2007

Money Money Money

People HiSorry it's been a log time but I have gone trough an awfull lot of things recently (by awfull I mean a huge amount) and specially holydays back home (that was so cool :d).Didn't spend that much money actually thanks to my lovely mum who didn't wanted me to pay at the supermarket. So I could buy myself a pink water bottle (don't expect any link, camelback website uses flash) ha ha.Well just got a check from the uni paying me back from conferences :d 146£ that's cool indeed. I could potentially wait and pay my credit card with... [Lire la suite]
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31 janvier 2007

Hi Ok first things first this post could have been posted in the "work avoidance" category as well, but as Mrs S and E said:"you freak" the chose of the category appears to be obvious. So I have been working like a mad for the last 4 days. and I think it actually melted my brain a little bit. Just got a new pair of climbing shoes today, 5/10 T-Rock in size 7 (a bit oversize, as the last pair of 5/10 I bought were anazazi velcro in size 6.5), for the climbing wall as I don't really want my "technical... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2007

Up I go

Hi againThough aking up this morning, body was felling prety ok, but I had a general feeling of tiredness. What ever stomac was completly reluctant to any food dropping in, but then again didn't bother me.I have been climbing quite hard yesterday and I actually did loved that. I was grim but trued to hide it and then as it says, the climbing takes over. One rule one aim up and up again. That did actually empty my head fo all the grim thoughs, pushing yourself beyond the moment where it hurts kicking your own but, even if you know it's... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2007

Hey Hey

Mrs EYou shouldn't tell you that, but I think it's my duty.You're getting married soon. So You shouldn't says to me things like "I am hot now you can take me", or "you've helped me by pulling me"I am not sure your fiancé would like it :p...Well anyway good climb for sure (I tell you what in a bit)CU alligator OST Plus de bruit pour tes zoreilles
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24 janvier 2007

What did you learn today?

I am just curious What did you learn today? Let me know... X and mug beans OST Stuck on the teenager things
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24 janvier 2007

F****** B******

Hey the internet is a great thing...Piss off yes.I registered myself yesterday for a private sale on the web site vente-privée.com. For once, interting things were on sale. PATAGONIA stuff maybe on of the best band ever. So I was happy as a child, went online, browse the damn thing, picked up my stuff (95 instead of 220€ my size well perfect then), edited my delivery address. fill in the credit card details, and then...FUCKING nothing... the web site never wanted to have to deal with my credit card... :'(:'(:'(I was so pissed. It's a... [Lire la suite]
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21 janvier 2007

My first time with lili

It has been a long way.I have been asking her for her favor for quite a long time now. A few month exaclty but she never was ready, or I never was in the mood.But then toady at least we did both agreed that we should do it.And it was just awsome. I wasn't just she would like me, neither was I to like her. but all was perfect, her body respondign to mine, she made me hot really fast, and things were clse to magic. She was handling fast when I was pushing her, she was all sweet and nice when I asked her ot be cool on me ended covered in... [Lire la suite]
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