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19 janvier 2007

This might be the end.

I knew it was to early, it wasn't a good idea to come back here. I wasn't really ready for it, and it wasn't the good time for me.I am grim and it can be seen in my writing no funny post, no more thing to talk about with an happy tone, or a thing that might be stupid enougth to upset me.I am not sure I will kill this blog, I might buil a new one from scratch, something about things I like, things I do, but I am not quite sure it will interst people. who care about the life of a looser, who can only exist in the sport. People get... [Lire la suite]
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16 janvier 2007

one more time

I have screwed things up One more time. Isn't big deal what can I do?Nothing, just to get on with it and to survive. I always do.
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13 janvier 2007

I wish I was

People HiYesterday eve I probably wrote the grimmer and darker post on this blog since a long time (maybe since the beginning) but I shutdown the computer before I actually publish it...Maybe for the best.soundtrack
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12 janvier 2007

Still no one showed up.

People hiSo far no one want to come with me at a wedding, so I am going to have to go on my own, like the big boy I am...But as I am really nice with you (maybe to much), I will let you have a week more to tell me if you want to go or not.So feel free to drawn me under the com you'll be more than welcome.XX Salut les gensA l'heure actuelle, personne ne m'ayant proposé de m'accompagner au mariage je vais devoiry aller tout seul comme le grand garçon que je suis.Mas comme je suis très gentil avec vous (trop peut être), je vous laisse... [Lire la suite]
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11 janvier 2007

One more time

Hum I do love thatSpend the evening with Mrs E one more time. And As usual it was lovely.I warm her up slowly until she told me 'ok I am hot now' and she start removing her clothes. And things start being serious. I did love the way she was teeling me ok one more time until she could anymore. And I can't really tell you what she told me when I intoduced my finger in her hole.Ha  Mrs E that was great like each time ;)See you soon then.
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09 janvier 2007

Fully addicted

I am addicted...So far nothing wrong as It's not the first addiction I get already addicted to sport, tea, and sexe (even thoug cant say I am getting my fix of this one).What is wrong is that I am addicted to a freaking TV show and that is the problem. A tv show... Me can you guys believe that I don't even own a TV. I am addicted to the TV show called heroes. I am at the moment watching the first season and I just don't get them as fast as I would like to it does annoyes me a lot.It's 1h29 GMT and I am still not in bed because I want... [Lire la suite]
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08 janvier 2007

Na NaNaNa Na NaNaNa

Hello the people.Hope you had a god week end.I am currently looking for a guest to go to a wedding in march. Won't be a tremendous wedding so don't worry about outfit, I'll be wearing my red converses anyway ha ha. So if you have a red dress and you fancy wearing it you are cute and leave in the 78 some free time in march and you fancy coming just let me know (you won't have to be single or whatever, but as the average man, wouldn't mind a hot time after the wedding indeed) reply ASASP so I can tell the bride that I will be coming... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2007

happy new year bis repetita

Si quand tu te reveille tu à 4 testicules,ne te prends pas pour hercule,C'est que quelqu'un t'encule... Quote of a new years' eve... Quite not translatable. But i'll try to XXXXX les amigos
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05 janvier 2007


Hello to my friends the people. Hope you all add a good one during Xmas and new year's eve. Mine was great got a bit of trouble to get it started because the two moron brothers were watching arthur on the TV (yeeeeerk) but once things got serious, it all went awsome indeed.Plenty of good things, I have actually been a devil puling everybody's leg (ok specially mister CG girlfriend one) but it did made me laught.Then after quick flight to the tropical paradise called london I took myself and my luggages to nothingham to visit a... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2007

happy new year

Hey hello every body, not enough bravery to write a complete tale of my St Sylvestre.But it was awesome.So more things to come indeed...XXXXX and mug beans
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