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20 novembre 2009

So let's get the party started shall we ;)

Well yesterday I did the whole 15km commute from work to home on the fixie for the first time.Wasn't bad at all to be honest. I feared the big steep hill would be bad, but no, not at all.However the fecking taxi that almost clipped me twice within 2 minutes because he thinks he owned the road wasn't that nice. I do remember the number plate, so I might just co to see the cop and see what they say.But hey a life with no risks isn't woth it is it ;)
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16 avril 2008

White page syndroma

I am suppose to write up, type one by one the words that will make my thesis. But I can't nothing came. Ok I am suppose to write up the most difficult part of my thesis the acknowledgement, but still I can't do it.Je suis supposer écrire, taper un à un les mots qui formeront ma thèse. Mais j'y arrive pas, rien ne viens... Ok je suis sensé écrire la partie la plus dure de ma thèse, les remerciements mais quand même j'y arrive pas.Same for taking pictures. I have 22 shot left in the camera and a new lens to play with (50mm which... [Lire la suite]
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16 novembre 2007

When the life is after you...

Another day another failure...When the life is after you there is nothing much you can do can you...Can you...
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08 novembre 2007

Life is a bitch

Life's a bitchGet on with it.
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05 novembre 2007

coffee break

Patrck and I at the coffee this morning.Pause café ce matin avec patrickPatrick : I think louise fancys mishPatrick : je crois que louise aimes bien mishMe : you're talking to louise not anna right.Moi : tu parles de louis pas d'annaPatrick : yes the cute one from your room.Patrick : oui la mignonne qui est dans ta pièce.Should  jump through the windows now or should I'd rather try to see If I can push a lorry backward with the lady.Je saute par la fenêtre maintenan ou j'essais plustôt de faire reculer un camion avec la moto. ... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2007

Too much or not enough

How funny is that life tend to remember me of how nothing I am.I try not to do anything so I don't upset my karmik balance. But apparently doesn't seems to work.Well we'll just wait for this day (or this life) to finish.
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10 octobre 2007

Damn Damn Damn

Somedays I really should stay in bed. Y'a des jours où je ferais mieux de rester au lit.   I have a very bad cold you know the kind of horrible one, that gives you soar throat, headaches, heatwaves and transform your nose into an oyster factory.J'ai un gros rhume, le genre horrible, gorge nouée, maux de tête, coups de chaleur, et élévage d'huitre dans le nez. On the top of it, I do have a massive spot in the armpit. But you know the kind of nasty very red and painfull spot that is not nice at all, like each time I... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2007

Winter comes

Hi people, Salut les gens, Just had a quick look to th thermometer this morning. 12°C.J'ai juste jetté un coup d'oeil rapide au thermomêtre ce matin. 12°CThat's for sure winter is here :(.C'est sure l'hiver est là :(.
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03 août 2007

Damn Damn and Damn

Why on earth grils that cames to visit the houseMais pourquoi les filles qui viennent visiter la maisonFirst never stays, and second are absolutely stunning and very nice :(D'une ne restent pas et de deux sont absolument magnifiques :(And why when I see one of them outside I am as spiritual as a living pumpkinEt pourquoi quand je les voit plus tard, j'ai autant de répartie qu'un citrouille vivanteDamn that sucksPutain ça fait chier
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03 juillet 2007

Ok but just because you asked for it

Ok so has "féekabossé" asked (first I wasn't drunk, don't drink makes you stupid look at the pigs :d) some news.Busy Busy BusyBusyBusyOh and yes, just hailed :(In july that sucks......And radioblogculb is not working....GRRRR
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