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05 janvier 2007


Hello to my friends the people. Hope you all add a good one during Xmas and new year's eve. Mine was great got a bit of trouble to get it started because the two moron brothers were watching arthur on the TV (yeeeeerk) but once things got serious, it all went awsome indeed.Plenty of good things, I have actually been a devil puling everybody's leg (ok specially mister CG girlfriend one) but it did made me laught.Then after quick flight to the tropical paradise called london I took myself and my luggages to nothingham to visit a... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2007

happy new year

Hey hello every body, not enough bravery to write a complete tale of my St Sylvestre.But it was awesome.So more things to come indeed...XXXXX and mug beans
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24 décembre 2006

Merry Machin

'Nuf  saidHave all a merry thing.XXX
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17 décembre 2006

key words

Hi It's been a long time since I haven't checked the keywords. Can somebody tell me how on earth, people get to my blog using "blog coquin" as keyword (it means "naughty blog")...
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