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18 décembre 2009

hello again

Hello people.
It's been a very ok week in terms of commuting.
Only bottle out on Monday (to pick up a bike) and on wednesday. Other wise the weather is getting on the chilly side which is very much to my tastes. Nothing beats a ride in the cold morning feeling the freezing air going in and out of your lungs.
Job wise it's been horrible, I can only see this year as a total failure. So I am not sure of what to do. Should I still look for a job in my field or should I just decide to stay here and find a job that will allow me to stay with the girl. As she needs me and lets face it they are worst people to fell in love with.

Well I think I'll push the choice of carrier until at least new year.

Love to everyone...

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08 décembre 2009


I am not feling very well right now. I am meant to be on pills and the usage is clearly to take 2 a day in the middle of the meal.
However I find that having taken then this morning, with no more than just a glass of water.
Oh well anyway, at least I had a dry commute, and the train was on time (bonus no one got in my coache so a very quiet train journey too).

That's all for toady, i'll try to survive the day

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01 décembre 2009

It's winter (ok almost)

Hey you
It's almost winter now. I say almost because if I had to go for an off road ride at lunch time I would be riding short sleeves. But then for the first time this morning I got a little bit chilly and I think it's time to get the mid height socks and the windstopper gloves.

Mind you it's not carved in stone yet, as apparently temperatures will be getting on the warm side again during the week

Mucho love to you all

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27 novembre 2009

hola people

Not a great week this week commuting/bike wise.
First i have not cycled to the station on tuesday or today. Second the petrol powered bike is out the mechanics, hopefully I'll get it back soon enough.
Third I when for an off road ride yesterday for lunch and I managed to ding the rim on a brand new pair of hope hoops wheels (costing 500€ nothing less).
So if you add the fact that work isn't too great at the moment to be honest I shall say I have known much better.

But as someone I know would say "tis ok"

So speak later

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20 novembre 2009

So much for commutign diairies

Well why I keep having a pessimist point of view in life?
We instead of fighting over it I just get in this dark corner of myself, tryign to hurt myself as much as possible.
I always thought I was going for it. Fighting over but I am not. Why can I hurt my body as much as I can take it to the braking point and beyond, but I can't do the same with my head (or heart for what's left of it). Why can't I understand life isn't a comics book or a movie. No everything is NOT going to be ok. If you don't fight for things then don't come on here to cry out loud, you deserve it. I you try to make it happen and still fail, then mtfu and grow out of it, learn your mistake and keep going. Getting darker inside isn't going to help you. Nor is lamenting on your fate, it might make you feel more alive or dead or whatever esle you decide to call it, but it's not helping.

Nietzsche once said: "  And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." but what happened if you have spend your life gazing into it? Do you become to much the darkness into the abyme, or do you just cant se anything else even when the blazing sun is right in front of you...

So knwo that I know it is not helping, why can't i just help myself.

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So let's get the party started shall we ;)

Well yesterday I did the whole 15km commute from work to home on the fixie for the first time.
Wasn't bad at all to be honest. I feared the big steep hill would be bad, but no, not at all.
However the fecking taxi that almost clipped me twice within 2 minutes because he thinks he owned the road wasn't that nice. I do remember the number plate, so I might just co to see the cop and see what they say.
But hey a life with no risks isn't woth it is it ;)

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19 novembre 2009

New material for this blog?

Well you probably did not miss the fact that I have been very absent from here.
It's a bit of everything, lazyness, lack of inspiration, people I know in real life coming around here and more other things. But as i am an old git against change I just can't get rid of this blog, neither can I get rid of my bike.
So maybe it's time for a change of content, less of what's on my mind, more of what happen to me on a daily or at least regular basis, my commute to work, the bikes and ignorant muppet that almost killed me.


I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I actually quite fancy that, the return of the diairy blog.


So 'ill start by putting up pictures and more.

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03 août 2009

Flesh or plasitc...

Hi all
I can't help thinking, with all the new fantastic things on shelves at ann summer, you know the rabbit and all, stuff that shakes, vibrates, moves etc etc, what saves us male to be wiped out from the surface of the earth?
Ok probably the kissing, but that is a very thin and tiny thing before oblivion I shall say.

Well now I am very scared...

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16 juillet 2009

Oupsy daisy

Well looks like angela did not like the trip to the alps too much.
Time for some welding me think ;).
On a more happy note, I have 55 minutes left with feck all to do while the 1GB download of intel compiler finishes...
Happy day everyone.

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15 juillet 2009

Abstract of the week end


A bit of marmot noises, some chocolate stains on a cute pie face. Some good company and some sunburns...
What else to wish for ;)

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